Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Thought for Today: “We who have the Spirit as the first of God's gifts also groan within ourselves as we wait for God to make us His children.” Romans (TEV). 

Oak leaves scratch across the sidewalk,
Riding on the breath of spring.
Sunshine holds a touch of summer.
Sparrows chirp and finches sing.

Long forgotten bulbs are sprouting.
Blossoms bloom on barren sprays.
Nature sheds the shroud of winter,
Reaching for the sun’s warm rays.

I, too, feel the need to break free,
Free from self, sin’s dying way.
Tears of yearning fall unbidden,
Yearning for that promised day.

When our Lord returns from Heaven,
From this tent I shall break free!
Shortcomings and human weakness—
Cast off for eternity!

Suddenly a new creation,
God’s pure love flows through my heart!
Buds of promise reach fruition.
Peace will come and yearning part!

Prayer:  Lord, just as spring awakens plants and trees, may your Spirit move within us and bring about the changes you desire.  Amen.

©2011 Pamela D. Williams
Originally published in LIVE (Gospel Publishing House--March 2009)