Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Granny's Wedding Ring--The Conclusion

Continued from "Granny's Wedding Ring"

Granny loved plants and spent many hours coaxing them to bloom. One day the minister from the Wesleyan church was out for a walk and saw Granny working in her garden. He stopped by to visit.

After exhausting the topics of weather and gardening, the pastor gradually steered the conversation around to spiritual things, asking Granny about her relationship with God and explaining God’s offer of love and forgiveness.

With that conversation, my 60-something grandmother experienced a brand new start in life. To Granny’s generous and genuine nature she added godliness. We all breathed a sigh of relief when every once in a while she slipped up and swore, letting us know she was still human, like the rest of us.

Over the next twenty years Granny subscribed to the Daily Guideposts Annual. While cleaning out her apartment after she passed away, we discovered that Granny had jotted down her thoughts and concerns for loved ones near and far in the margins of the books. Each one had become a sort of prayer diary.

As evidenced in these journals, as well as in her conversations, Granny carried a heart-felt burden for others to experience God’s saving grace. She generously shared the wonderful truths she was learning with others, especially her family members near and far. I imagine she danced with the angels the day, a decade after her death, that her son, Allen gave his heart to God.

Slipping Granny’s ring on my finger magically transports me to her bedroom and those precious hours spent sifting through her jewelry while talking over life. I only wish that I could just as easily slip on her generosity, genuineness, and godliness.

©2011 Pamela D. Williams