Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watching Michael in Church

“As a father tenderly
loves his children,
so the Lord is 
tender and compassionate
to those who fear Him”
Psalm 103:13

Two small hands stroke Daddy's scratchy cheeks,
And a quiet giggle bubbles up.
An inquisitive tongue flicks out to touch Daddy’s nose.
Michael's shoulders shake with stifled laughter.
Milky soft breaths warm Daddy’s neck;
A tender kiss brushes his ear.
"Love you, Daddy", loudly whispers Michael.
Tiny fingers rub up and down the back of Daddy’s head,
Relishing the “vrrit, vrrit, vrrit” of freshly-clipped bristles.
Staring straight into Daddy's eyes,
Michael leans forward,
Till nose meets nose,
Chin meets chin,
Lips meet lips.
"I love you, too, Son,"
Daddy murmurs softly,
Nuzzling Michael's ear.

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called children of God!
1 John 3:1

©2011 Pamela D. Williams 


  1. Thanks so much, Tame Lion and Jedidja! I appreciate your visit and your comments.

  2. I love to watch daddy's with their little ones in church. You captured this well. ~De

  3. I loved the words and the picture goes so very well along with the blog...

  4. Such a sweet and tenderhearted post. To think that we are loved by the wonderful. Have a great weekend Pam.

  5. Absolutely my heart took in the scene of this little boy with His father....and as my heart grasped once again what it means to be HIS child...for HIM to be my Abba Daddy~

    SO very blessed by this- Thank you