Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Every time we move (which has been often in the more than 37 years that we have been married) we have to find not only a new family physician, a dentist, and a veterinarian, but also a barber, a plumber, a mechanic, and many other service providers. Stumbling upon a gem of a beautician is no accident—it is a gift from God.

Putting your hair in the hands of a stranger takes courage, but at one time or another most of us have to bite the bullet and get help to tame our unruly locks. Today I reached my limit. I finally got tired of the tumbleweed look and decided to get professional help.

Since my husband needed to run out to the mall to check on something for his cell phone, I went along and stopped by the beauty salons. The first salon sported two beauticians, both with big 80’s style hairdos. When I asked what they charged for a haircut, one woman quoted me a price for a shampoo and cut. If I wanted my hair dried it would be an additional $8. Antiquated hairdos aside, I thought $8 for hot air was a bit pricey.

At my next stop the only person working was the very young girl attending the sign-in desk. Her blonde/black/and pink hair was lopped off here and there in jagged steps. To be honest, I was alarmed to think what I might look like when I left the salon. Considering she had no other customers, I guess I wasn’t alone in my reservations.

The last shop offered a haircut for ½ what the first charged and had multiple hairdressers available. However they were also busy, which didn’t surprise me after my previous encounters. So I went home and prayed over the phone book.

Praying over the telephone book is something I have done frequently. I have prayed for a compassionate veterinarian and a name jumped out at me from the yellow pages. I have asked God for a thorough carpet cleaner and was very satisfied with the company He pointed out.  I even prayed for a specialist and found the most wonderful ob-gyn.

So, when I I needed a haircut, I opened my trusty telephone directory and prayed for a beautician. Several beauty shops caught my eye and I decided to do a little Internet research on them. I linked up with “On Route 30” via their Facebook page. Their welcome message seemed genuinely open-hearted and inviting and their photos showed the friendly, stylish, experienced staff having a lot of fun and enjoying their jobs. I felt good about this shop so I drove out.

The woman who greeted me lived up to their Facebook welcome and took me right in, as she had just gotten a cancellation. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and she grasped what I had in mind immediately. We chatted non-stop while she worked; the time flew by. When she finished, she had cut and shaped my hair till it looked exactly like the photo!

How very good our God is! He directed my search to just the right beautician and guided her hands so I got just the haircut I wanted.  Thank You so much, Lord, for Cathy at “On Root 30”!

©2011 Pamela D. Williams