Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'll Fly Away: A Tribute to Uncle Butch

I once heard my Uncle Butch (Jay L. Warnick) say his favorite song was “I’ll Fly Away”. Last weekend he suffered a massive stroke while hunting. All week long the refrain to “I’ll Fly Away” kept running through my mind as I thought about him and the faithful witness he was for Jesus.

As a writer I felt a special bond with Uncle Butch, who was also a writer. I wonder what he would write now? Perhaps . . .

O Lord, my soul soars on the updrafts of Your mercy,
My spirit glides on the wings of Your love.
My body does not contain me.
It is but a shell.

Flying away on the outstretched arms of the dawn.,
Morning’s light brings me Home to You.
To simply BE, in Your presence, Lord, fulfills my longing.
Nothing else can satisfy.

Until that glad morning when we meet again, I'll pass along some smiles for you, Uncle Butch, and share the love of Jesus with those God brings my way . . .

©2011 Pamela D. Williams