Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shining Stars

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"You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky,
as you offer them the message of life.”
Philippians. 2: 15b-16a (TEV)

It was one of those clear, crisp nights, when the sky is inky black and the stars are beautiful, bright pinpoints of light.  Spellbound by their clarity and beauty in the vast darkness of the night, deep appreciation welled up inside me and I thanked the Lord for His awesome handiwork.

With its sin and corruption, the world can seem as dark as the sky at night.  But Paul challenges us to "shine like the stars lighting up the sky."  We can be like bright beacons to those who are troubled, hurting, or searching for meaning in their lives.  Our love and concern can shine as brightly as a star in a dark sky.  And we have Good News!  God has offered us new life through faith in Jesus Christ!  What a welcome message when shared in the light of kindness and helpfulness.

Every time I see a star, I am reminded that we are to be like those bright pinpoints of light shining in this sin-darkened world.  Our words and actions can light the way for others to find Christ.

Dear God, help us to be a light that draws others to You.  Amen.