Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Carol Chronicles: The First Noel

What is your favorite Christmas carol? We all have a few. These seasonal songs transport us through time to Christmases past and offer us hope for the future with the Babe now King.

Several years ago I began to chronicle the origins of some of the Christmas carols. I would enjoy doing the same for your favorite carol. Just leave a comment with the name of a carol that is near and dear to your heart. I would also LOVE to read WHY the carol is special to you. I will be sharing a few of these over the next couple of weeks.

I chose to begin our peek into the past with “The First Noel”, a carol that may have been written in the 1300’s! Little is known for sure about its origins. However, when all six verses are sung, it vividly narrates the entire story of Jesus’ birth.  Some suggest the word “Noel” comes from the Latin natalis, which mean “birthday”.  Thus, the joyful repetition of the chorus of this carol is actually like singing "Happy Birthday” to Jesus!

As a fun way to share what I learned about “The First Noel”, I wrote an acrostic:

Troubadours helped spread the message,
heaven’s newborn King to praise.
englishmen ran out to hear it.
Finding joy in every phrase.
interwoven in these verses
runs the tale of Jesus’ birth.
simple and sincere describes it,
telling how Christ came to Earth.
Noel—Happy Birthday, Jesus!
overflowing hearts must sing!
everyone can join the chorus.
light the candles! Noels ring!

Often in the rush toward December 25th we lose sight of the origins of this treasured holiday. “The First Noel” can serve as a reminder to all of us of Who, what, and why we celebrate!

Merry Christmas!

©2013 Pamela D. Williams