Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whose Standards Do We Uphold?

Photo by Dick Williams
As I read Psalm 15, I felt God asking me to intentionally embrace the standards He sets in this short psalm for those who confess to have a relationship with Him. Though the words are few, the benchmarks are very high in comparison to the world’s standards.

  • God expects us to do what is right. The world encourages us to do what makes us “happy” and to accept no blame for our actions.
  • God wants those who follow Him to sincerely speak the truth. The world says it is okay to tell “little white lies” and use deceptive phrases like, "Everybody does it."
  • God intends for us to close our ears to gossip and refuse to speak evil of our friends. The world eagerly repeats disparaging remarks about people, even when they are half-truths, and lambastes friends on social media instead of working at resolving differences in a private and respectful way.
  • God anticipates that we will not applaud sinful behavior and that we will show respect for the faithful followers of the LORD. The world idolizes “bad boys” and works diligently to dishonor anyone who claims to be a Christian.
  • God demands that Christians keep our promises, even when it hurts. The world finds one excuse after another for those who do not keep their word.
  • God requires that we lend without stipulations for profit. On the other hand, the world gouges and inflates prices while lowering wages and downsizing jobs.
  • God insists that His people not be “bought” at any price, except by Jesus. In this world, the love of money often lures people to abandon what they know is right.

Are these high standards? Indeed! But they come with the reward of communing with God and the promise of standing firm in faith. Who can turn down those benefits?


©2014 Pamela D. Williams