Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Photo by Pam Williams
Longwood Gardens

“The genius of God's moral code is that everything He requires of us is for our own good. Anything less than obedience to God is not only disappointing to Him-it is self-destructive. There is more than one reason for faithfulness to His Word.”

When we criticize others, we open ourselves to criticism.
When we gossip, we invite others to gossip about us.
When we show disrespect, we receive disrespect in return.
When we allow anger to rule our tongues, we fuel the fire of anger toward us.
When we don’t take the time to pray, the busyness of the day steals our peace.
When we fail to study God’s Word, we are easily led astray.
When we lie, we spin a sticky web of deceit in which we ourselves become entangled.
When we drink to excess, we poison our bodies and our relationships.
When we reject God’s love for us, we find it impossible to love ourselves.

May we turn from our self-destructive ways and follow God.

Blessed are those whose lives have integrity,
those who follow the teachings of the Lord.
Blessed are those who obey his written instructions.
They wholeheartedly search for him . . .
They follow his directions.
Psalm 119:1-3


©2015 Pamela D. Williams