Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In His Arms

Psalm 131
Lord, I have given up my pride
and turned away from my arrogance.
I am not concerned with great matters
or with subjects too difficult for me.
2 Instead, I am content and at peace.
As a child lies quietly in its mother's arms,
so my heart is quiet within me.
3 Israel, trust in the Lord
now and forever!

The last couple weeks have been trying. A check up with the heart doctor led to my 82 year-old mom having a stress test and then heart catheterization. One of my routine exams showed some discrepancies from previous years, so further tests await me.

On top of these stresses, have been some bittersweet celebrations. This past Sunday was our Confirmation service for 14 young people, one of whom I was privileged to mentor. What a blessed occasion!

Unfortunately, our grandson Kodey’s Confirmation was the same day, a conflict that we thought we had carefully worked out months ago. Needless to say, we missed Kodey’s service. L

There is more but you get the picture. Needless to say, I have not been in that quiet, contented picture painted by Psalm 131. You know what I mean? I am sure each of you has faced similar challenges and distresses.

If only I could let go of matters I have no control over, rather than wracking my brain for solutions. I want to lie quietly in my Heavenly Father’s arms instead of crossing my arms and nursing my disappointment. I wish my heart would be quiet within me, not pounding out of my chest with “what ifs”. I truly want to trust in the Lord and be content and at peace.

I AM getting there. Much of the peace infiltrating my troubled heart is directly related to the prayers of so many friends and family members. Reminding myself of past times when God worked out troubles for the good has also helped. And spending quiet time in His presence, simply being, always brings a balm to my soul.

With God’s help, I am beginning to see myself in the peace-filled picture from Psalm 131. Gradually, I am letting go and trusting. I covet your prayers, my friends.


©2015 Pamela D. Williams