Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Shout triumphantly to the LORD, all the earth! Serve the LORD with celebration! Come before him with shouts of joy! Know that the LORD is God— he made us; we belong to him. We are his people, the sheep of his own pasture. Enter his gates with thanks; enter his courtyards with praise! Thank him! Bless his name! Because the LORD is good, his loyal love lasts forever; his faithfulness lasts generation after generation. ~ Psalm 100

Have you tried shouting to the LORD? Shouting is not something I do very often, no matter what the circumstance. I’m just naturally not a “shouter”. But the first two verses of Psalm 100 say, “Shout!”

In one translation of the Bible, I found 25 verses that tell us to “shout” to the LORD. Yet, I have rarely complied.

Occasionally in a church service a song leader will encourage us to shout a phrase from a hymn or song. When Dick and I attended the Jesus festivals there were times when we shouted praise. It felt natural! I mean, how could I NOT shout with praise in the midst of so many believers joining as with one voice?

Oh, yes, there are many other avenues of offering praise to the LORD--music, dance, art, testimony, prayer, writing, etc. But, not wanting to be disobedient, I decided to try shouting to the LORD. Admittedly, it felt weird—and yet good, obedient, and freeing! After all, I have many reasons to shout praise to the LORD!
  • For a loving, caring, kind, unselfish husband who constantly keeps my well-being at the forefront of his thoughts, words, and actions
  • For only minor side effects from the potent drugs being pumped into my body at three week intervals
  • For the encouraging words penned on dozens of cards, notes, Facebook posts, and blog comments from friends and family
  • For the powerful, loving prayers of hundreds of people around the world
  • For family both near and far who have assured me over and over of their love, concern, prayers, and support
For these, and so many more blessings God has poured into my life, I can shout, “THANK YOU, FATHER!!! YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME, LORD!!! YOU ARE AWESOME, GOD!!!”

What praises are you shouting to the LORD today?


©2015 Pamela D. Williams


  1. Hi Pam! I'm not much of a shouter either, but I know that King David loved to do it! I think he was quite a dancer too :)
    I am so grateful that your treatment is not overwhelming, and that you feel so much support. God is good! And that's worth shouting about.
    I woke up this morning feeling really good, and that's a reason to shout. Allergies, too little sleep and worries can keep me from being the shining soul God wants me to be. Today? I feel shiny!

    1. Soooo many reasons to shout our praise, Ceil! The older I get the more I have to praise Him for!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Bill! Your prayers mean so much to me!

  3. Like you Pam I'm not a natural shouter but indeed there is so many reasons to praise God. Glad to hear you're doing well. Many blessings.

    1. Blessings to you, Wanda! Hope your birthday week was extra special!

  4. Pam,

    What a fun thing to think about, this call to actually shout our praises to God. Thanks for this.

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Glad this brought you a smile, Jennifer!

  5. I am not a natural extrovert - but there are times when life brings moments of sheer joy - and those moments need a little shouting!!

    So, here's my shout for the day - JESUS LOVES ME!!


    1. Oh, I, too am an introvert Sharon! But you are so right--some blessings just call for a shout out! LOL