Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beach Button

Photo by Pam Williams
Buttons cover the tabletop in mounds. Searching for a replacement for one that was lost I hurriedly sweep my hand through the piles. A splash of aqua catches my eye. A typical round, flat button with two holes in the center, the small disc measures only a half inch across—ordinary in every way but one—its color.

With a feeling akin to homesickness, I reach over and pick up the button, holding it reverently in my hand. Almost translucent, the blue-green and eggshell pigment swirls across the surface. I notice a few grains of ecru. As I stare at the wave-like pattern, I am gradually transported back to my favorite vacation spot at the beach.

The turquoise water swells and spills its way to the sand in crystal clear waves edged with lacy white foam. Such tremendous power roars into shore and yet, bathes me in peace.

The soft, white sand massages my feet and the warm fingers of sunlight knead any tenseness from my shoulders. A gentle breeze cools my face and plays with the fine tendrils of my hair, tickling my neck. Tranquility floods my soul.

White puffy clouds in the distance hold no threat. Even rain showers are pleasant—warm droplets caress the skin one moment and are gone the next, lasting only long enough to water the myriad of beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

I lick my lips. Their salty, ocean-sprayed flavor simply adds to my thirst to take in as much as possible of the ambiance of this beautiful place. I inhale serenity with each breath of sea-scented air.

Gradually the memory fades. I clasp the button to my heart. Tilting my face upward, I whisper my heartfelt thanks to God for treasured moments re-lived by the glimpse of a mere button, memories especially sweet since chemotherapy is keeping me out of the sun this summer.

Do you have a button or some other object that unclasps a precious memory for you?


PS.:Four treatments down and two to go! I can see the finish line! Thank you for your prayers, and thank You, Jesus, for Your mercy!

©2015 Pamela D. Williams