Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Baa-ack!

Hair is one of the first things I notice. When chemotherapy caused me to lose ALL my locks last summer, I took it hard. It was like carrying a megaphone and announcing to the world that I had cancer. Sudden baldness was one more forfeiture in a series of physical and emotional losses to the dreaded disease.

Consequently, I found myself intensely interested in other people’s hair. As I observed the myriad of styles and colors, I realized G.I. short, Lady-Godiva long, or missing altogether could be equally attractive. Jet black, snow white, or sparrow brown with burgundy highlights can all be beautiful. Poker straight, corkscrew curly, or ocean wavy hair each have the potential to be chic.

I had worn my hair long and slightly wavy for 95% of my life, but now I started to reconsider. Hmmm, maybe losing my hair was a chance to try something new!

I am very happy to say that my hair is now over an inch long! My wig and hats have been retired! I kind of like this new, sassy-short look!

As I write this I am fully aware that hair really isn’t a big deal in the overall scope of life. After all, Scripture says, “Man looks at outward appearance but God looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7) However, following all the terrible, terrifying things that a diagnosis of cancer brings, hair is a tangible sign that I am truly healing. It feels great, inside and out, to look in the mirror and see that my hair is coming back. (Doing a little happy dance right now!)

I thank God with my whole being for bringing me through this challenging time. It is only by His grace and the guidance of His hands that I am once again strong and healthy. Many thanks to each and every one of you who prayed for me. I needed you and you were there for me. If I can ever do the same for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love and many blessings!

©2016 Pamela D. Williams