Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Singing in the Rain

Have you heard the amazing chorus singing in the mornings lately? At this time of year, I often hear the birds praising God at the top of their voices, just before dawn breaks. It is awe inspiring and humbling to listen to their unabashed joy.

Often in the New Testament, God makes references to the habit of birds as a way to teach us about Himself (Matthew 23:37), and about the Christian walk (Luke 12:24). He still draws my attention to the birds to communicate a valuable lesson to me.

Recently, despite pre-dawn raindrops falling on their heads, (couldn’t resist the musical reference), the birds in our trees were singing boldly and brightly—and with just as much zeal as if it the weather were clear and dry. Their enthusiasm pricked my conscience, making me ask myself, Do I praise God like that, even when the day begins less than stellar?

I wish I could say I do, but that would be a lie. Earlier this week I was preparing for a medical test I would have later in the day. As I gritted my teeth against nausea and forced myself to drink the salty grape-flavored liquid, I found it difficult to think praise-worthy thoughts.

Yet God’s Word says He inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Luke 19:40 tells us that if His disciples are quiet, even the rocks will cry out in praise!

That morning, like so many others, I heard the birds singing. I felt God nudging me to join them—to ponder the blessings of simply being alive, of God’s provision for all my needs, for the soul- cleansing power of His forgiveness—and to lift my voice in praise along with my feathered friends.

Each of us can offer a sacrifice of praise to God our Father—on those wonderful, joy-filled days when everything is going our way, AND on those challenging mornings that make us want to pull the covers back over our heads to avoid what awaits us that day.


P.S. The test went well and showed that God is keeping me healthy! Praise His name!

©2016 Pamela D. Williams