Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mysterious Disproportion

Five loaves of bread and two fish are definitely not enough to feed 5000 people. By no stretch of the imagination could that measly amount of food satisfy the hunger of such a crowd. And yet, John 6 relates how Jesus did just that.

Jesus took what one little boy brought along for lunch and multiplied it to feed the masses. And it wasn’t just a little communion-wafer-sized portion for each person either. They ate till they were full. No one left hungry. In fact, there were even leftovers!

Jesus does the same for us today. No matter how little what we have to offer may seem, in the hands of Jesus it is more than enough.

Unfortunately, I find it hard to convince myself of that truth.

Many times I draw back from volunteering because I think I am inadequate to the task. I think someone else could do the job better, or knows more than I do about the matter at hand.

Recently on I read this comment: There is a mysterious disproportion between what I give and what the Lord makes of it.”

If Jesus nudges me to do or speak up, He will take what I give and make it enough. He will multiply my offering till it is what is needed. I don’t know how He does it, but He does. I don’t have to understand the how. All that is required of me is a willingness to generously share what I have.

And we have sooooo much to give. Our lives overflow with blessings. When we live out an attitude of generosity, not just with our money or things, Jesus can use us to accomplish His purposes.

We all have something to offer—time, talent, knowledge, wisdom, expertise, kindness, encouragement, and so much more. The excitement starts when we see just what Jesus will do with it!

What is He asking you to give?


 ©2016 Pamela D. Williams