Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A "Lonely Place"

Photo by Dick Williams
“Very early the next morning, long before daylight,
Jesus got up and left the house.
He went out of town to a lonely place where he prayed.”
Mark 1:35

Where is your “lonely place”?

In order to talk with his Father, Jesus left the crowds, even the home of friends, and sought out a place, a time, devoid of distractions. With the constant barrage of people and pressures, he needed that time alone to re-connect and re-focus. Even as God’s own Son—as God himself—Jesus found it necessary and beneficial to slip off to a “lonely place” to pray.

Our days fill quickly with responsibilities, people needing our attention, and the constant background hum of life. As followers of Jesus we can learn from his example. We, too, need a “lonely place” to re-connect with our Heavenly Father. What that time or place may look like will be as varied as we are individual. What works for me, might or might not work for you.

  • As a busy mom, your “lonely place” may look like my friend Debi’s—on the floor of her bathroom with the door locked and the fan running.
  • Perhaps your “lonely place” resembles my husband’s when he commuted to seminary—in the car on a long drive by himself.
  • For those of us who are early risers, those precious moments before dawn—the only sound the gradually awakening of the birds—become our “lonely place” and bring sweet communion with Jesus.
  • “Night owls” might find the time after everyone else is in bed, and the house comfortably quiet, the best “lonely place” to review the day and re-energize for tomorrow.

 The only essential of every “lonely place” is making sure we find it and spent time there—whether it is a physically “lonely place” or merely a spiritual one (for it IS possible to be in a crowd and still be alone with God). Where is your “lonely place”?

Be encouraged!

©2016 Pamela D. Williams