Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We forget . . . He remembers

photo by Pam Williams

We have sinned as our ancestors did. . .
They forgot the many times he showed them his love. . .
But they quickly forgot what he had done. . .
They forgot the God who had saved them by his mighty acts. . .
Yet the Lord heard them when they cried out,
    and he took notice of their distress.
For their sake He remembered his covenant . . .
Psalm 106:6, 7, 13, 21, 44-45

I forgot my aunt’s birthday. I sent her a cute belated card but it was still thoughtless to forget. This is the aunt who took me on vacation with her, hosted my wedding and reception at her house, sent me flowers on my birthday, and visited me when I was in the hospital.

The truth is my aunt didn’t care that her birthday card was late; she just enjoyed hearing from me. She loves me despite my careless ways. But how could I forget to celebrate someone who has been so good to me?

And yet I do it all the time to the One who brought me together with my soul mate, who created the seasons, each with its own unique beauty, who gifted me with a loving family, who gave me the great comfort of knowing when my dad passed on it was into the arms of Jesus, and most importantly, who died in my place. How quickly I forget all that God has done and is doing for me.

And to top it all off, God doesn’t forget about me. Even though I take all His loving kindness for granted, He still hears my prayers and takes note of my anxious heart. On a daily basis, God continues to love and care for me, His ungrateful child.

Grace and mercy flow from our God the Father, who always remembers, always forgives, always answers, always loves. . .

Will you join me for a moment today to stop and remember the good things God has brought about in abundant measure over the years?


©2016 Pamela D. Williams