Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sunshine and Son Shine

At my first sight of the waves rolling into shore, I started running. Anticipation bubbled up inside and spilled out in delighted laughter as I raced toward the water. Although the sea temperature was only 30°F, and the wind chill lowered the real feel of the air to the mid 40’s, I still loved every minute we spent at Virginia Beach this past weekend.

Even bundled up in my winter coat with my hood tied tight, I could still feel the sun warming the sand beneath my feet and penetrating my outerwear. Despite the chilly temps, the seagulls flocked in to grab bits of bread from my fingers, one of my favorite things to do when at the beach. Braving the cold, my granddaughter River and I chased the receding waters looking for shells, gifts of the sea left behind by the sub-freezing waves.

The joy of being at the beach overcame Winter’s efforts to squelch our enthusiasm. What an uplifting time spent with family at one of our favorite places.

Life has its share of “winters”—challenges that buffet our confidence, chill our hope, and freeze us with fear. However, when we walk with Jesus, the Son, we can anchor our faith in Him (Proverbs 3:5), not ourselves. He assures us of His constant presence (Matthew 28:20), restoring our hope. He helps us overcome our fears (2 Timothy 1:7), assuring us that with Him beside us, we can move through, over or around whatever trials we encounter. The joy of living in a relationship with Jesus can delight our hearts and warm our souls, even in the midst of life’s “winters”. 

Are you walking with Jesus? How does your relationship with Him bring you “Son Shine”?

Be encouraged!

©2017 Pamela D. Williams