Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Moving On

I have been blogging here at 2 Encourage since February of 2011. It all started with a blog challenge thrown out by my fellow blogger Arlee Bird and brought to my attention by my friend Brianna Renshaw.

Once a week, every week, since February 9, 2011, I have written a faith-centered post. Forcing myself to stick to that schedule has stretched me both as a writer and as a Christian. Being honest, it’s been a challenge some weeks. (I am in awe of how my husband has come up with an inspiring sermon every week for the last 43 years! Whew!)

2 Encourage has morphed, from a response to a challenge tossed out to write a post a day for a month, into a weekly platform for sharing what I am learning on my faith journey, in the hopes that others will find encouragement in their Christian walk. I was also blessed to publish a book, A to Z Devotions for Writers, as a result of posts I wrote for one of the A to Z Blogging Challenges.

Now, 464 posts later, I have decided to move 2 Encourage to Facebook. This will be my last post here. I plan to continue to write, but most likely less frequently. For those readers who do not “do” Facebook, I will gladly email my posts to you. If you are interested in receiving them, just send me an email to writepam71@gmail.com to get on the list.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and commented (when my comments section worked—haha!). May God’s love and grace pour over and into and around each one of you! Just knowing that you have been reading has been an encouragement to me.


©2019 Pamela D. Williams