Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hold me, Lord!

Psalm 119:117 “Hold me, and I will be safe.”

Morning is my absolute favorite time of day. I awaken really early and spend some time with Jesus. Then I crawl back into bed beside my husband and whisper, “Hold me.”

Despite being sleepy, he willingly wraps his arms around me and cradles me close till we are like two spoons nestled together in our silverware drawer. I never grow tired of the feeling of complete trust and security that pours over me at that moment.

Anytime I ask Dick to hold me, he immediately drops what he is doing and pulls me into a gently firm and empowering hug. Sometimes, I am simply overly tired at that moment and need to feel the strength of his arms. Other times I am hurting so badly, whether it is physically or emotionally, that all I want is to be encircled by the balm of his love.

My writers’ group, First Writes, is working our way through Psalm 119. For the first time in the many years that I have been reading God’s Word, verse 117 leaped out at me as though it were printed in bold and highlighted in yellow. As I read the words, I immediately experienced the same intensely comforting peace, support and protection that I feel when I snuggle in beside Dick in the morning.

Like a light bulb going on, I suddenly realized that knowing Jesus as my Savior encircles me with greater love, power, and tenderness than even Dick can offer! I can say to God at any time, “Hold me!” And He will. All the tension, fears, and anxieties that grip me evaporate in God’s strong, yet tender embrace.

What a beautiful picture God has painted of His love with just two little words—Hold me!

Enjoying God’s bear hug,

©2012 Pamela D. Williams