Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooked on the iPhone

Not so long ago I wondered, “Why do so many people have cell phones? When would I ever use one?”

Now I don’t know what I’d do without mine!

Two years ago my husband, son, and daughter-in-law couldn’t wait to get to the AT&T store to pick-up their iPhones. I pooh-poohed it off when they asked me if I wanted one, assuring them my old Pantech flip phone was quite adequate.

Then I noticed a friend reading the newspaper on her iPhone. That was cool. My husband used his iPhone to take a picture of our granddaughter at the park. How convenient! When I watched my friend, Bruce read his Bible from his iPhone, I was hooked. I was ready to move into the world of smart phones—for a number of reasons.

I love to read—novels, articles, blogs, the newspaper, etc. While on Amazon, I noticed a “Kindle for iPhone” app. I downloaded it and a bunch of free e-books and have danced with delight that I can now read anywhere, anytime. When my husband comes to bed and I want to continue reading, there is no need to leave the light on. My iPhone backlights the book I am reading. And I can turn the page with just a slight tap of my finger!

Since I rarely carry a purse, pocketing my cell phone AND a camera was cumbersome. But many times I missed capturing a particularly stunning flower or blossoming tree while I was taking my daily constitutional. Now I not only can whip out my iPhone and snap the shot, I can send it to my husband for him to enjoy, too! Even better, with FaceTime, I can see as well as talk with our grandkids!

These days I not only can read my Bible on my iPhone, I can search for a Scripture when I don’t recall the reference or make a note of the text to study for next week’s Sunday school lesson. With my iPhone I can go online to reserve a table at a local restaurant for our Christian writers’ group. Isn’t it amazing how God can use anything and everything to accomplish his purposes?

I agree with Lisa Miller’s comments in her Newsweek article, “Is That a Bible in Your Pocket?” Miller says, “By putting your favorite Bible verses next to your calorie counter and your Global Positioning System, you integrate religious practice with the rest of your life. Religious apps may seem to represent modernity run amok, but they can bring holiness back into our lives where it belongs. . . Apps put Scripture literally into the pockets of the people.”

I am very thankful that the iPhone not only connects me with my loved ones, but also to God and His Word.

Special thanks to my husband, Dick for patiently and gently persuading me to purchase my iPhone. He knows me so well.

©2012 Pamela D. Williams