Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Psalm of Spring from A to Z

Pam Williams

Aconites say, “Spring is coming!”
Bumble bees begin their humming.
Crocus bloom in sunshine’s glory.
Dogwood blossoms tell Christ’s story

Earth awakes; the winter’s ended.
Frost subsides;
God’s hand’s extended
Here and there the plants are sprouting.
In the yards glad kids are shouting.

Johnny Jump-ups show their faces
Killdeers nest in stony places.
Lilac scents waft by so sweetly
Mountains change their looks completely.

New life births from Autumn’s ashes.
Over all, bright sunlight splashes.
Purple, white and yellow flowers
Quickly bloom when God sends showers.

Robins scold
Stray cats they’ve sighted.
Trees have buds! My heart’s delighted--
Underneath their wintry cover
Verdant green we’ll soon discover.

Witnessing God’s plan unfolding,
eXcellence in all He’s molding,
Yields our prayers of deep thanksgiving,
Zealous praise and zealous living.

©2012 Pamela D. Williams