Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge

This swinging bridge resembles the one that spanned the creek near the tiny little town of Pogue, PA when I was a child. I treasure the memories my extended family made while vacationing in a couple of cabins in Pogue for a week during several summers.

We kids learned how to swim and fish, studied June bugs and huge crickets, discovered the importance of checking the outhouse for black snakes and spiders before entering, watched how to remove leeches that stuck to your legs if you wondered into certain areas of the creek, and savored the most delicious slices of potatoes ever fried on an old iron cookstove.

Most vividly, though, the photo reminds me of my Granny donning her bathing suit and walking out onto the swinging bridge to sunbathe. Unlike the sturdy hanging bridge in the photo, the one at Pogue was ancient and rickety. I watched in awe and admiration as she braved the swaying and buckling of the bridge, never grabbing frantically at the wire handrails or squealing in fright. She confidently spread out her towel, slathered her skin with baby oil, and stretched out on the worn boards.

My Granny was the coolest ever! Though she is now with Jesus, Granny continues to inspire and encourage me through my memories of the gutsy example that she set. No matter how shaky a situation might have been, just like her approach to the swinging bridge, she faced life with determination and courage.

“Be strong and courageous! Don't tremble or be terrified, because the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

What memories do you associate with a swinging or other type of bridge?


©2012 Pamela D. Williams