Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In Invitation to Idleness

Gray Tabby Cat in Sunbeam

Spring sunlight shines through the windows
Casting patches of gold across the carpet.
Heat radiates in welcome waves,
Dispelling a lingering chill.

Old gray cat reposes in a sunbeam, his fur aglow.
Resting his head on his front paws,
He luxuriates in warmth,
The consummate connoisseur of comfort.

Oh, to put aside the tasks vying for my attention,
And curl up around him in cozy idleness,
Matching his soft, deep breathing
With slow, even breaths of my own.

Like my cat’s need to physically recharge, sometimes I just need to stop and spiritually recharge--be idle for a bit and allow the blessings that God has poured out on me to really soak in.

How we recharge varies with each individual. I find a quiet time observing nature renews my faith and fills my heart with gratitude. Author Beverly Lewis sits at her piano in the mid-afternoon, taking a break from writing deadlines, to give a "praise offering" to God through music. Beverly says, “This daily act of worship rests my mind and heart and can even recharge my muse.”

Today I extend an invitation to idleness—to stop moving, doing, going, planning, worrying, and working—and recharge. I would love to hear what renews you spiritually. 

©2013 Pamela D. Williams