Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are You Molting?

Did you know that many creatures, not just birds, molt (or moult)? Creatures molt routinely to cast off old feathers, old hairs, old skin, and sometimes their entire exoskeletons.

Locust by aophotos on
Most of us know that birds and snakes molt. And lots of us have picked up locust shells. However, did you know that lizards and blue crabs molt, as well?

On a recent family trip to the Maryland Science Center, we saw a newly molted blue crab and a Savannah Monitor lizard that was in the midst of molting. The lizard spent a lot of time rubbing his chin and head on the rocks in his habitat. Unlike snakes and crabs, the Savannah Monitor didn’t just slither out of his old skin and leave it behind practically intact. His skin peeled off just like ours does when we get sunburned—in annoying and itchy bits and pieces.

Oddly fascinated, I watched the lizard for quite a while. As I stood there, I sensed God was showing me this for a reason. Scriptures started to come to my mind:

When we become Christians, spiritually we become new creatures. (2 Corinthians 5:17) But as we mature in our faith, God asks us to let go of those old, sinful things that hinder our growth as Christians. (Hebrews 12:1)

Just like the molting of a healthy Savannah Monitor, our ongoing spiritual development takes time, patience, and effort. Studying God’s Word, talking with Him, and getting together with other Christians can help us shed bad habits, discard misguided thinking, and separate ourselves from ungodly influences.

Can you identify areas where you continue to struggle to shed the old self? Do you have a Christian friend you can turn to for accountability? Let's encourage one another to molt for Jesus!

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