Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Knows You Best?
God really knows me; He knows me better than I know myself.
God understands even my thoughts.
God always is where I am—all around me, on every side.
I am never in un-chartered waters.
God knows where I am going even if I don’t.
God protects me.
God is everywhere. He both precedes and follows me….He forges the way ahead of me and cleans up behind me.
God is always ready to help.
I cannot hide from God.
God has always known me, always.
I can be totally honest with God. I might as well be; He knows the truth about me already.
I wish God would stop me from saying those things I shouldn’t say, since He knows what I will say before I open my mouth.
God does things that seem strange to me, and yet, wonderful.
It is both comforting and alarming to realize that God knows everything about me, even what is in my heart. Sometimes I don’t even want to admit to myself what is in my heart. And most certainly some of my thoughts should not be known. They embarrass and shame even me.
God has the power and the desire to guide me in the ways that most please Him, the unselfish, everlasting ways. Please lead me, God. Please, lead!
( A paraphrase of Psalm 139 by Pam Williams)

 ©2013 Pamela D. Williams