Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tips for Downsizing


As we have been preparing for our move, several people have asked me for tips on downsizing. Here is my quick list. As you can see, I have downsized it from ten to nine. (LOL!) These are the downsizing “rules of thumb” that have worked for us in our many moves.

1. If we don’t use it, we lose it. If a year goes by and we don’t wear it, take it out of the cupboard or unpack it, then I donate it or sell it at a cheap price via yard sale, Craigslist, newspaper, or eBay.

2. If we buy something, I get rid of something. If it needed replaced, why keep it?

3. Buy out of need. Why buy something, even if it’s on sale, if I don’t really need it?

4. When the church, the library, the animal shelter, or any other charitable organization has a drive, I like to contribute a boxful of usable stuff. This is never an opportunity to unload trash.

5. We put unfixable and worn out items in the trash. Why store them? No one else will want them later either.

6. We place unwanted but usable items on the curb with a free sign. I have never had to bring anything back into the house.

7. We also place repairable items on the curb with a free sign that also states the problem. There ARE people who have the time, passion, and know-how to fix them, although we do not.

8. Want a little return on stuff? I hooked up with a good consignment store with fair percentage policies. They mail me a check for what sells and donate to charity what doesn't sell.

9. For our most recent move I went through each of our closets and gave away something (sheet sets, kid’s games, glassware) that someone else probably needs more than we do. Great fun!

“Don't forget to do good things for others
and to share what you have with them.”
Hebrews 13:16

Anyone else have any tried and true tips for downsizing?


©2013 Pamela D. Williams