Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lessons from Legos

Bazillions of Legos!
Pam Williams
A bazillion shiny plastic bricks litter the floor of our empty spare bedroom, now monikered “The Lego Room”. I love the chatter and clink of the bricks bumping up against each other as I search for one particularly elusive piece to the set I am building.

Our family has been hooked on Legos since 1978, when our son received his first set. Recently, a friend gave us a huge tub of Legos that her children had “outgrown” and no longer wanted. (People outgrow Legos? Who would have thunk it?) We were so excited to dump them out and see the treasures the tub held.

There were space pieces and castle parts, minifigs and sea creatures. The tub contained a rainbow of sturdy plastic bricks in blue, purple, green, red, black, gray, white, yellow and every shade in between! Thousands of Legos, just waiting to be built into something really cool.

However, I discovered one problem—there were no instructions. And I didn’t even know which sets we had in order to look for the instructions online.

I decided to start with the obvious. The gift tub included one large three-dimensional base plate that just had to belong with the castle pieces. Thanks to I was able to identify the set and locate the instructions.

And so, I undertook a construction process that is taking weeks to complete, but that God is using as a spiritual teaching tool. What have I learned?

1.      Follow the instruction manual. God gave us the Bible as our guide. (2 Timothy 3:16)
2.      Weed out unrelated items. God instructs us to throw off everything that hinders us on our journey with Him. (Hebrews 12:1)
3.      Although a handful of pieces stuck together may not look like much, keep going till you see the finished product! God is at work, even when we don’t recognize it along the way. (Jeremiah 29:11)
4.      Enjoy the process. God wants us to be joyful! (John 15:11)

Don’t you love how God can use the simplest things to teach us? What lessons can you find in Legos?

Be encouraged!
Two-thirds complete!
Pam Williams

©2017 Pamela D. Williams

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