Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An Even Place

“My foot stands in an even place . . .” Psalm 26:12

“Watch those roots,” Dick cautioned.

“Be careful! These rocks are slippery,” I yelped, flailing my arms to regain my balance.

“Look out for the loose shale,” Dick warned, grabbing onto a tree to stop his too-rapid descent.

Dick and I had seen the sign at the trailhead but never dreamed the ENTIRE path would be so difficult! After all, the sign said, “Sections of this trail are steep and rugged.” I would call that an understatement.

Every little bit we stopped to catch our breath, looked for the next trail marker, and wondered if the ground would EVER level off and smooth out. We finally reached the top, only to discover the pathway immediately began a descent that was as every bit as “steep and rugged” as the climb! Looking back I could really relate to David’s joy at finding he was standing in and “even place”! (Psalm 26:12)

We all face times in our lives that seem to be “uphill both ways”, as my Dad jokingly used to put it. We overcome one challenge and another obstacle crops up in our path—a health problem is resolved only to be replaced by conflict at work; the car goes on the fritz just as the final payment is made; a rebellious child comes to her senses (Praise God!) and an elderly parent becomes unwisely stubborn about accepting help. (Lord, have mercy!) We wonder if life will ever level off or smooth out.

I am not sure what trials David was currently facing when he wrote Psalm 26, but he resolutely declares that his “foot” stands firm, on level ground. When we walk through life’s “gnarled roots”, “slippery rocks”, and “loose stones” without Jesus, we will undoubtedly stumble and fall.

Thankfully, Jesus leads the way and offers us a helping hand to hang on to. David’s words reveal the state of mind that should characterize each of us who claims to be a follower of Jesus—the humble, yet confident assurance that our feet WILL stand in an even place.

Be encouraged!

 ©2017 Pamela D. Williams