Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Needs and Wants

Yesterday we completed our 17th move in the 50 years we have been married. This time we really downsized—less bedrooms, less bathrooms, smaller kitchen, no basement, no attic. I LOVE it! (So much less to clean!)

Dick and I never been too sentimental about “things”. There are, of course, those items that are essential no matter where we live—stove, fridge, pans, dishes, chairs, beds, etc. But each time we move, as I pack the boxes, I ask myself, “Is this something we really need?”

There is a difference between wants and needs, between likes and essentials, between preferences and requirements. The older I get the less clutter and tchotchkes I want to deal with. Just give me the basics, please.

As my faith matures, I find myself clinging to its basics also—trust Jesus (not myself) for salvation, pray daily, study God’s Word (with the intent of following it, not just reading the words). While I love the thrill of “mountaintop” moments I have experienced over the years, it’s the steady day to day relationship that sustains my faith. It’s the basic knowing—knowing that God loves me, that He has saved me, that I can trust Him.

Though I WANT to see God perform miracles, though I LIKE the excitement of big Christian events, and though I PREFER a life without tribulation, when I think about the positive changes I have seen in my life and in the lives of those who put their trust in Jesus, that is enough.

We all NEED to talk with God. We all REQUIRE Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. It is ESSENTIAL that we know God’s Word so we will not be fooled by the world.

Like sorting out the have-to-haves from the niceties when we move to a smaller house, let’s concentrate on the basics of our faith.

Be encouraged!

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